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Sat Aug 11 12:19:56 CDT 2001

Gav wrote:
>  newbie question,
>  I have 2 boxes at work, a gig athlon and a p2. as a large (but ever 
>  decreasing amount) of my work is done with windows I have 2k installed on my 
>  high spec machine and I have settled upon freebsd on my second.
>  I plan to install WINE onto my main machein, is this pratical? will i pull 
>  my hair out? also do I need a linux dist (eg Mandrake or Debian) or will 
>  WINE + FreeBSD + Linux Binary do me okay?
Your questions are a little bit starving as far as information is
Take a look at the applications database at 
Everything depends on what you really need to do.
Some apps run pretty well others not at all and anything can be
temporarily broken at any time during development.
Mind you: Wine is alpha state. What does that tell you about using it
in a production environment? Can you take the risk?
But if you want to participate in debugging Wine and Windows
applications you are welcome. Among the many Linux users everybody
running FreeBSD is welcome to help making Wine stable on many
Answers to your questions can be found here:
You will also find daily builds and FreeBSD emulator ports at
Wine is a thrilling project, I wish I could dedicate more time...

Regards, Ike
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