Quicktime - again

Zoran Dzelajlija jelly+news at srk.fer.hr
Sat Aug 11 17:33:26 CDT 2001

Sascha Möllering <moelle at upb.de> wrote:
> Hi,

> does anybody know how to include the QTFont.for?

fixme:font:CreateScalableFontResourceA (0,C:\WINDOWS\QTFont.for,C:\WINDOWS\QTFont.qfn,(null)): stub
fixme:font:AddFontResourceA ("C:\\WINDOWS\\QTFont.for"): stub! Read the Wine User Guide on how to install this font manually.

I was also puzzled with this, my installation of QT on Win98 doesn't even
have "QTFont.for".  The other one shown, QTFont.qfn, is a TTF - can be
installed the usual way you install TTF fonts.  I copied mine to
/usr/share/fonts/truetype, added .ttf to its name - QTFont.qfn.ttf, ran
ttmkfdir > fonts.scale, mkfontdir, xset fp rehash, et voila ;-).  I guess
the tool you mention does most of that automatically.

> I included all windows-fonts unsing the DrakFont-Tool
> (Mandrake 8), but this does not work with this kind
> of font.

Just rename it.  AFAIR, it's an ugly font, a small bitmapped one somehow
turned into a TTF.  Called "Sydnie".  And it doesn't make QTPlayer run any


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