Guest OS installed in wine?

robert w hall bobh at
Sun Aug 12 07:14:41 CDT 2001

In article <c0dc7b03.0108111704.4a8223be at>, Phrostie
<pfrostie at> writes
>what exactly is win4lin? - look for the 'white paper'

>virtual machine?

>windows emulator?
cutdown virtual machine (runs win9x + dos only)
needs a kernel patch (fairly straightforward)
>does it require windows?

yes, it makes its own slightly customised installation (eg kernel32.dll
is slightly patched and is relocated) on a linux filesystem like ext2
(or reiser)

win4lin, vmware both have 15 day demos so go try, -
but keep a recent vintage of wine aroud too of course :-)
robert w hall

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