more on Diablo II (wierd problem)

Bjorn Wesen bjorn at
Mon Aug 13 10:00:44 CDT 2001

> > The problem is that the first time that my mouse leaves the diablo
> > window, diablo iconifies. Not a major issue, I just have to make sure
> > that it's before I start playing. HOWEVER, after it's de-iconified,
> > the keyboard get's somewhat screwy. I can't type, as in sending

Yes the keyboard doesn't regain "focus". Happens to me as well, I don't
know how to fix it.. it seems like an easy problem though.

DXMousegrab does not work at all 

And the reason it fails if you start as root can be that it tries to use
DGA then, and DGA in the current wine/x has a bug wrgd D2LOD at least
(D2 tries to set the palette before initializing the surfaces and dga2.c
does not expect this and crashes), if so try UseDGA = N

> > I figured that in a couple of weeks, after some other things have
> > settled down, I'd try using a newer version of wine. I'm currently
> > using winex, but since mousegrab doesn't seem to work anyway, that's a
> > little pointless...

Don't bother it's the same problem in the current cvs version :)

I was hoping there was an easy simple configure or hotkey fix for the
lost keyboard focus...


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