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lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Sun Aug 12 17:18:16 CDT 2001

On Sun, 12 Aug 2001 wine at scabserver.com wrote:

> I've tried your patch, it seems to look about right, but when I start wine
> with --dt -debugmsg +all, not all messages are inital suppressed, I can't see
> why, and pressing alt + F12 didn't start debuging more.... also I'm not sure
> why but wine performs differently with -debugmsg +all than without, I'm not
> talking about the slowdown, I was expecting that, but for example DLoad.exe
> normaly comes back with a box indicating that it can't find the file it's
> looking for with a ok button.  But with the debugin on it dosn't get that far,
> it get's to about 27Mb into debuging, and then just sits there, I suppose it

Try being a little selective with --debugmsg.  +all is just too much for
anyone to look at, and I wouldn't be surprised if some debug messages
interfered with others, relay and snoop in particular, and I guess +all
would get them both.  Maybe start with relay until you work out what it
is you are debugging.

> could be just that something inside the code is timing out waiting for
> something else but I don't know if that'd be in the wine code or in DLoad.exe,
> probably the latter but I don't know my way arround the Wine source code well
> enough to work this out (I'm learning but finding it slow <G>)
> With regards to the problem at hand, having looked at what the exe's do in
> windoze it seems that wine is doing everything that windoze is with
> game_crk.exe, the problem is something to do with DLoad.exe, I'm not sure what
> seems to be related to the way it's trying to execute game_crk.exe, maybe cos
> DLoad is the same for 98/2k but there are different game_crk.exe files for
> each.  I can't seem to get either to work tho, maybe it's the way DLoad.exe is
> trying to work out how to handle the different OS's?  what OS would wine look
> like, is it trying to be all of them and therfor upseting things?  anyway
> that's all my thoughts for the moment.
> Rob
I'm not sure what the default is anymore, but wine will identify itself
to the app as whatever --winver you tell it to.  To the extent we know
about differences in the behavior of the different versions (and think
it might matter to some apps) it will behave as that version
too.  --winver doesn't disable APIs that are not defined in that version
though, for the most part.


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