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eric pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 13 01:02:44 CDT 2001

giorgian wrote:
> hi all,
> executing a certain program with wine, we get several crashes, in the
> RDW_UpdateRgns function (winetop/windows/painting.c) and in a DLL of the
> program itself.
> the program always crashes after the creation of a subwindow, and the
> problem appears to be the same, that is, somewhere before the crash the
> window tree structure gets corrupted.
> in order to find the exact point in which this happens, is there a
> better method than running the program step by step and *manually* check
> the windows structure? in other words, is there any tool to
> automatically check them?
not so many tools avail.
there's the WIN_WalkWindows in windows/win.c which could help printing
the whole window tree... coupled with some triggering of this dump at
some point in time (for example, in relay as Uwe suggested) could
help. but you'll have to look closely at the huge haystack and find the
needle inside :-(

however, if you have spotted which window (WND*) is overwritten, you
can use hardware breakpoints (either by attaching gdb to the right
or using wine debugger) on the region field of the WND to get back to
spot which overwrittes it.

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