Direct Connect in Wine

Bjorn Wesen bjorn at
Mon Aug 13 16:38:24 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote in message <3b76f22a.43227869 at>...
>Yes, 'native' libraries are tricky.
>It would be nice to try to use the native registry or import
>from it.

i thought it always did this ? i.e. read from the native registry, but wrote
to my local in .wine ?

>However, the app is trying to embed a web browser window.

Ah yes, it has an advertisement banner.

>I am not sure Wine is quite ready for that anyway (an
>interface to a U*x browser such as Mozilla or Konqueror
>would be necessary).

It would be very nice if it simply silently failed...

do you think it's causing the crash ?


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