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> Here's some follow-up on some messages I posted some
> time ago asking for help. Wine works again since
> 20010731, better than ever, if maybe a little slower.
> [HELP] Fn keys:
> This problem is still present. Here's a reminder:
> I use Wine to run Stew, an Atari ST emulator, a
> Winston0.5 derivate.
> While using the emulator, I can't use the Fn keys.
> For example, if the program's asking to press F1 for
> this and F2 for that, I can do neither.
> I don't know if the problem lies with Wine, Stew, or
> the combination. I tried to use the only Fn key used
> by Wine: Alt-F4. Unfortunately, Alt-F4 is used by
> gnome, and if I have 2 windows in the Wine desktop
> and I press Alt-F4 then the entire Wine desktop is
> closed instead...
This might seem like an extreme solution, but - you can run Wine without
_any_ window manager.  This keeps the window manager from intercepting
the function keys.  I guess you would tinker with your
~/.xinitrc (if you start X yourself) or ~/.xsession (if you log in to a
GUI login) to cut it down to just an xterm, and run wine from
there.  That would be the simplest way to try this, I guess.
> Does anyone know anything that could help me about
> the still unresolved problems?
> Thanks!
> Yves.

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