more on Diablo II

Brian Postow bpostow at
Mon Aug 13 10:08:07 CDT 2001

Well, as for the keyboard issue, I've come up with what sounds like an
easy work-around. Since its now possible to get LOD working, and LOD
works in 800x600 mode, DXgrab should be irrelevant. Just set your
display to 800x600 (I'll probably make a script hack that swaps two
XFree86 files) and play everything in 800x600. Your mouse will never
leave the screen, and you will never lose keyboard...

This DOES involve getting LOD, and (for me at least) Getting different
wine because currently I can't run in full-screen mode even with
virtual window...

Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I'll probably try it next weekend
unless someone tells me it's doomed.

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