Screen resolution in StarCraft

Christopher Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Aug 13 13:48:16 CDT 2001

I'm not sure whether dga has anything to do with this issue but you could
try and removing 640x480 as a valid resolution at your colordepth from
your XF86Config file and then run wine --desktop 640x480 starcraft.exe
That *might* give you a 640x480 window on your desktop.


On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Jesper F. [ISO-8859-1] J=F8rgensen wrote:

> I have installed StarCraft succesfully, but the screen
> resolution is only 600x480, how do I change it to 1024x768?
> I have tried to write:
> wine --desktop 1024x768 starcraft.exe
> but that makes the area available 1024x768 inside a 600x480
> resolution!
> Sincerely
> Jesper

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