wine-20010629 and Starcraft

Nix N. Nix nix at
Mon Aug 13 14:44:09 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 06:02:39 GMT, "Nix N. Nix" <nix at> wrote:
>>Today I tried 20010731.  Still not fixed ... who do I have to tell thst 
>>something is broken ?
> Ove Kaaven said he was working on it - I guess that either he did
> not have the time to finish, or he could not find the good way to
> fix it. As he is reading this list, I guess he will read these
> messages.
> Re-reading his message on wine-devel archive, I found that he
> counseled to turn dxgrab off to work around the problem, short
> of a complete solution.

Do you mean

"dxgrab" = "N"

I tried that and the keyboard and mouse still didn't work.

> Sorry to not have said this sooner.
> Gerard

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