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eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Aug 14 11:35:09 CDT 2001

> Does anyone have a call graph for wine or a (decent, open-source) program
> for making one. I've considered Source-Navigator but it seems like the
> required database would be twice the size of the wine source!
I don't think it has been done before. However, as a rule of thumb, Wine
is split up according to the Windows DLL (and with minimizing the extra
function exported per DLL. 0 is a good value). So, if you know well the
Windows API, this will help you reducing the call graph to the Windows
and to the internal symbols of one module (read DLL). That would a much
better target for a call graph anyway.

> Since (D)COM affects many parts of function and message handling and
> process address space tampering I considered the less ambitious project of
> fixing up (Net)DDE first - at least then the all-important Hearts will run
> networked. Is anyone actively working on that (the source has sporadic
> updates)? I don't want to start hacking off on a tangent. The different
> behaviours of win9x and NT will also be a problem since I don't have a
> real NT installation
regarding DDE, there are a few milestones to achieve first:
- interprocess window management (which is currently under progress, but
- interprocess DDE message exchange (this shouldn't be harder than the
of the interprocess message management), except perhaps for the house
- then finish the implementation of local/DDEML (and fix bugs)

Alexandre works on item 1&2, and I have worked recently a lot on items
2&3, so
I don't think it's worth spending too much time on DDEML
regarding NetDDE nothing has been done so far, so you can start
your own stuff

regarding COM, Ove has started working on the interprocess mechanisms,
will require lots of efforts too, so a helping hand may be desired (Ove

regarding DCOM, nothing has been done so far... however, it would
perhaps be
a good idea to share the underlying networked IPC of DCOM and NetDDE.
Base it on RPC ?


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