How do I make windows open maximised?

Martin Liddle martin at
Tue Aug 14 14:00:05 CDT 2001

In message <9lbhcl$5oh$1 at>, Matt Ng 
<bgc_fan at> writes
>> Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.  Unfortunately this doesn't
>> help. What I see is that the Wine desktop starts full screen (at
>> 1024x768), but my application only occupies the top left hand corner of
>> the screen (I'd guess that it's roughly 640x480) whereas under Windows
>> it would occupy the full screen.  Any other thoughts?
>How about adding the resolution 640x480 to your X configuration and
>dropping to that resolution before running that app?
Thanks for replying.  But unfortunately that doesn't help.  Now the 
application is full screen but (and I don't think I may have made this 
clear before) what I still see is only the top left hand portion of the 
intended form ie the portion that is visible at design time.  Still 
puzzled as to what to do next.
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