Running IIS under WINE

David Jones gnome at
Wed Aug 15 02:19:29 CDT 2001

On 14 Aug 01 at 9:51, shooz wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to run IIS under WINE?

Why would anyone want to? Experimenting with Code Red
worms? ;-)

> I realized that one of the biggest things holding me
> back from moving to Linux is working on IIS-based ASP
> applications.  I would never expect to use such a
> setup in production, only for development.  I am aware
> that there are various ways to get ASP to run on Linux,
> but I'm not interested in that.

Why not?

> How about Personal Web Server?

Don't know. I don't believe PWS supports ASP.

> How about Windows Scripting Host and related COM
> objects? (MDAC, MSXML, etc...).

I seriously doubt that, but I don't even run WHS on my 
assorted WinDOS boxes ..

> thanks for any info!
> -steve

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