WineLib Warning?

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Wed Aug 15 02:24:47 CDT 2001

When compiling the following line of code using WineLib 20010731 
you get a warning message.

  // generates a warning
  CompareString(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, dwFlags, s1, -1, s2, -1);

These warning relates to the defines found in 
include/winbase.h file where we have:


In the Borland 5.2 include file these API's are defined as:

 int WINAPI CompareStringA(LCID, DWORD, LPCSTR, int, LPCSTR, int);
 int WINAPI CompareStringW(LCID, DWORD, LPCSTR, int, LPCSTR, int);

and this is what the Borland Windows SDK help file says:

  int CompareString(
      LCID  Locale,
      DWORD  dwCmpFlags,
      LPCTSTR  lpString1,
      int  cchCount1,	
      LPCTSTR  lpString2,
      int  cchCount2 	

Is the define in the Wine headers wrong?

Regrads Jussi Jumppanen

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