Program needs IE4 installed - how tho handle?

mefju at mefju at
Wed Aug 15 03:43:40 CDT 2001


my guess is that the installer program looks into the registry
under HKLM/software/Microsoft/IE4 (or something like that)
in order to determine if that IE4/5 has been installed.

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:35:26 -1000, David Jones <gnome at> wrote:
>Not as far as I know.
>Related to that, WP2002 (WP10) requires having IE5.5
>installed. Glad I'm sticking with WP8 native!
>gnome at
>On 13 Aug 01 at 9:18, Andreas Schlager wrote:
>> Hi group,
>> I want to install a SW-package. This needs IE4 to be
>> installed. The installation aborts with an error and
>> popups a message, that IE4 needs to be installed before
>> the installation can continue.
>> How can I handle this? Is there a trick that do this? I
>> don't see any advantage of IE4 on my Linux box.
>> Andy.

Matthias Nowak

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