Wine & Half-Life

Paul Woodward paul.woodward8 at
Wed Aug 15 09:18:32 CDT 2001

Seems half life doesn't see 24 bit as it only wants 32 bit or 16 bit.  I
have got it to work at 16 bit OK.  If anyone has got a fix to allow 24
bit I'd like to hear it.

In article <9lcibe$iq4$1 at>, "Kraju" <kraju at>

> Anyone know how can I fix Half-Life problem? :
> "Half Life need at least a 16bit color depth to run, usually this is
> "32768" or "65535" colors"
> I tried many settings in config, and it doesn't work. I have Wine
> 20010809 from Debian binaries ( other versions don't work too ) and X
> 4.1.0 with TrueColor (24bpp) color depth on Nvidia card.

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