How do I make windows open maximised?

Martin Liddle martin at
Wed Aug 15 05:08:02 CDT 2001

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>On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Martin Liddle wrote:
>> >try
>> >wine --managed (your application)
>> >which will start an app with the gnome or kde window manager
>> >then maximize and right click on top left corner and set the
>> >size
>> >
>> Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.  Unfortunately this doesn't
>> help. What I see is that the Wine desktop starts full screen (at
>> 1024x768), but my application only occupies the top left hand corner of
>> the screen (I'd guess that it's roughly 640x480) whereas under Windows
>> it would occupy the full screen.  Any other thoughts?
>If you get a Wine desktop, I think you have a desktop geometry specified
>in your ~/.wine/config.  You could try commenting it out and see if
>managed works any better for you then.
Thanks for the suggestion.  You were right and commenting out does 
change the behaviour slightly but the fundamental problem remains that I 
only see a portion of the intended screen.  I could easily write a small 
Windows test program if anybody would care to try it to find out what I 
am doing wrong.  Alternatively I remain open to other suggestions.
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