Soem MS Project (Office) problems

dekokj at dekokj at
Thu Aug 16 10:59:58 CDT 2001

Hi all,

this seems to bug a lot of people and I also have problems with it
When you install an MS Office product (and MS project)
you can get the following message after you entered your name and
organization and click ok:
setup is unable to open the data file
setup again from were you ariginally ran it

What hapens is during install the MS program creates a directory
structure  named ~MSSETUP.t\~msstfof.t\
and puts some usefull files in to it. To get the program to continue I
did the following:
run the setup program with winedbg
Just let it continue (with c) untill you get to the point that you have
to click OK to confirm your given name and organization.
Switch to a command shell and look up the ~MSSETUP.t\~msstfof.t\
directories (it should be in /tmp) copy the files inside the directory
~msstfof.t to a new directory (say OfficeTemp).
Exit the MS program
create the directory ~MSSETUP.t\~msstfof.t\  (these should have been
deleted again)
copy the files in to it
restart with wine
Now again before you have to click OK to confirm your given name and
organization switch to the command line.
On my machine (RedHat 7.1) the directories where left in place but the
files whe need are deleted again
copy the files from the directory OfficeTemp to  ~MSSETUP.t\~msstfof.t\
Switch back to the MS program and click OK
the program should continue to the next installation step

After this you can specify where to install the program. However when I
have chosen the directory and start the installation the program just
freeses up. Debug information has been scarce so I really have no idea
what is going on. If someone could help me out a bit that would be
greatly appreciated

best wishes

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