user.dll problems

phlying penguin phlyingpenguin at
Thu Aug 16 20:44:44 CDT 2001

Hi, my wines broke, can anybody help me out..

I downloaded the wine CVS and put it on using the auto install thing in 
tools for wine source. I have no windows install, and I'm on RedHat 7.1. 
After some tweaking on the config file, I finally got wine to the place 
where it could do something. I'm trying to get HalfLife's installer to 
emulate, but wine gives me an error saying:

err:module:BUILTIN_LoadModule loaded .so but dll user.dll still not found
Could not load 'USER.DLL' required by 'ISSET_SE', error=2

Anybody got an idea to fix this? thanx in advance

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