Program needs IE4 installed - how tho handle?

David Jones gnome at
Fri Aug 17 15:08:16 CDT 2001

Well, I guess you can try figuring out what DLL's the app 
calls, and try to copy those over from a Windows system. 
Don't know if that would work at all, depends on the DLL, 
I suppose.

gnome at

On 16 Aug 01 at 9:11, Andreas Schlager wrote:

> "David Jones" <gnome at> wrote in 
> <03f080701051081HNLMAIL1 at>:
> >That might not help if the application is dependent 
> >on some DLL installed or updated with IE4/5.
> >
> >David
> >gnome at
> ACK. Only to modify the registry is not the thing.
> But what can I do?
> Andy.

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