Netraverse Win4Lin in trouble or out of busienss?

Laurence P. Toenjes laurence_toenjes at
Fri Aug 17 15:44:21 CDT 2001

sarahegbert00 at (Sarah Egbert) wrote in message news:<d267d1c5.0108160824.75aec072 at>...
> Does anybody know what is happening with Netraverse the company who
> makes Win4Lin? They appear to have closed down, their offices are shut
> down and phones disconnected. Their internal user newsgroup is saying
> most of their developers have been fired.
> Their Web site ( looks like business for ususal. I
> wonder what happens if you try to buy anything from them - I'll let
> somebody else find out that one :(
> I guess it is welcome back to Wine for me...
> Sarah

False alarm ? I just called a phone number on their (NeTraverse) web
site, it did work.  The lady I spoke with told me they had just moved
into a different building.

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