user.dll problems

phlying penguin phlyingpenguin at
Fri Aug 17 19:49:36 CDT 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, phlying penguin wrote:
>>Hi, I'm having problems getting Half-Life to setup using Wine.
>>I have RedHat Linux Roswell, and no windows files. I used the autosetup
>>utility to install Wine and it seemed to work. After fixing my wine
>>config I went to run a windows app.
>>When I run the setup.exe file I get this message:
>>err:module:BUILTIN_LoadModule loaded .so but dll user.dll still not found
>>Could not load 'USER.DLL' required by 'ISSET_SE', error=2
>>Help Wanted :)
>>Thanx in advance
> OOPS, my previous answer is wrong.  You have that symbolic link I
> mentioned, or you would not get the first err: you quoted, which is
> harmless, BTW, sort of an erroneous error message.  Probably, there is
> some other error message before that to tell why it couldn't load
> user.dll.  You aren't trying to use native user or user32, are you?  I
> don't think that will work.
> Lawson
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I dont know that I'm trying to use any specific userdll I only know that 
all I have is no 'real' windows files on my pc. The trouble now is that 
that is the ONLY output that wine gives. Keep solvin man :-)

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