user.dll problems

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Sat Aug 18 18:32:53 CDT 2001

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, gerard patel wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Aug 2001 01:09:18 +1000, Michael Pearce
> <chuzwuzza at> wrote:
> >but i was getting very frustrated at mine not working, and saw a similar problem and jumped on it.
> >im using gcc 2.95.3
> >god forbid if anyone were to use gcc 3... =)
> Hum.
> I have a doubt just now. Your problem looks like one that is
> discussed on wine-devel that is attributed to change in
> compiler, but it was a change in some versions of 2.96
> and 3.0.
> My guess is that this is a very recent change to Wine
> and when he did it the contributor was not yet
> aware of the inline problem (that's in
> dlls/user/dde/dde_private.h btw)
> I am hardly a compiler expert, so take my advice with
> a pinch of salt.
> Gerard

I have fetched everything that has been it wine-cvs up through


and had no problems compiling each chunk with gcc-2.95.3.

Michael, did you at one time have a gcc-2.96?  Might there be some
hangover output file that was compiled wrong?  If so, maybe make
distclean and start over from ./configure would help.


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