Might and Magic 6 DLL error.

James McLaughlin katana at montrose.net
Mon Aug 20 10:32:41 CDT 2001

Hello all,

I have been trying to get MM6 to run with Wine and recieve an error relating 
when the system trys to load mss32.dll.

I have read in a previous post in the archives someone was having the same 
trouble and mentioned to run wine with --winver nt40.  I tried this but the 
system just hangs when launching the app.

There is a section in wine/config about special dll's.  Is it possible to add 
the dll and its path (/windows/Program_Files/Might and Magic 6/mss.dll) to 
this list to ensure its load.  If so can someone explain the syntax or point 
me in the direction of the HOWTO or help doc that will explain it for me?

Thanks in advance.


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