microsoft sql query analyzer

Ibrahim Hamouda admin at
Mon Aug 20 20:15:15 CDT 2001

Ok I did the winedbg and guessed the dll thing as the command in the
attached file

now I get a windows error:
Could not connect to the database because of the following error:

DBMS MSS is not supported in your current installation

any ideas?

Ibrahim hamouda

lawson_whitney at wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Ibrahim Hamouda wrote:
> > I'm trying to get MSSQL Query analyzer to work
> > it loads up i can enter the sql server name and user name and password.
> > in the sql client utility it is setup for tcpip with an alias for the
> > server name and the ip address.
> > it tries to connect then comes back with an error:
> > [Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER][TCP?IP SOCKET]General network error
> >
> > odbc32 is native
> > wsock32 is native
> > winsock is native
> Sorry, I have been a bit busy lately, and I'm not too sure about this,
> but you left out the bit about native winsock/wsock32 from your
> complaint to wine-devel.  I wouldn't use native anything wine has a
> builtin of, unless the app refuses to run with the wine builtin.  AFAIK
> Wine's winsock and wsock32 are fairly functional - but all wine sockets
> are implemented using linux sockets.  IOW, your linux box has to be
> connected to the windows box as itself, not expecting to use some
> windows functionality to connect.  I sort of doubt that native winsock
> and wsock32 will work.  builtin odbc32 might be worth a try.  If your
> app uses msvcrt, native msvcrt might very well help.  My app needs that
> and riched32 and mfc42.
> >
> > any ideas
> >
> > Ibrahim Hamouda
> Lawson
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winedbg --dll ntdll,kernel32,advapi32,user32,msvcrt,rpcrt4,ole32,shlwapi,shell32,winspool,oleaut32,olepro32,lz_32,version,oledlg,ws2_32,wsock32,netbios,netapi32,ntwdblib,dbmssocn=builtin --dll gdi32,comctl32,comdlg32=native --winver nt40 c:\oebuild\order_entry.exe

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