user.dll problems

phlying penguin phlyingpenguin at
Tue Aug 21 06:00:44 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Aug 2001 00:59:57 GMT, phlying penguin
> <phlyingpenguin at> wrote:
>>The only things I have to test that  I'm sure of it are the setups to 
>>HalfLife and Tribes2 (emulated just to see if it would do the same 
>>thing). So if you used those installers I bet it would do the same 
>>thing. The thing is that HalfLife is supposed to work really well with 
>>wine, just can't figure out where I'm  hung up.
> From what I remember from the posts on this news group, it can
> work but it's not easy...Is this problem happening at the end of
> the install or the beginning ? If at the end, it's possible that
> enough of the app is installed to actually run.
> Gerard

The program wont start because of that error. I know it works cause Ive 
done it before. Just dont know why it wont in RH Roswell vs before in 

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