Netraverse Win4Lin in trouble or out of busienss?

Jethro qwasty at
Wed Aug 22 10:37:47 CDT 2001

I bought win4lin but after I couldn't contact customer support, I
asked for my money back. I'm using VMWare right now and I gotta tell
ya, it really kicks butt - and it's CHEAPER than win4lin. Yes, win4lin
is faster but since neither win4lin nor vmware can do games, the
performance isn't an issue (I mostly use mIRC, MSIE, and PGP 6.5.8 in

I initially ran vmware on my PII 450 128mb ram machine and it was a
bit slower than without vmware, but not slow enough to bother me. I
recently upgraded my computer to a P3 1000Mhz w/ 512 MB ram and now I
can't tell the difference between vmware and my native speeds. Then
again, I'm not running anything demanding. I'm going to try running
something like photoshop but from what I've heard so far, nobody's had
any trouble with a big program like that either.

In my opinion, win4lin is overpriced. I have not tried wine yet, but
it's price seems to be the most reasonable of all :)

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> >>> I guess it is welcome back to Wine for me...
> >> 
> >> Sarah
> >
> >Yes they having some sort of problem this is what their CEO just
> >posted to their user group email list. Sort of sucks they have not
> >owned up to this publically -
> interesting that vmware have reduced the price of their 'express'
> version to $50 ('cheap at _half_ the price' IMHO :-)
> There's obviously quite a shake-out underway in the US of A...
> Bob

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