Questions about W2K

User user at
Wed Aug 22 11:38:24 CDT 2001

I have a windows application that I need to have access to (so that I
can keep my wife happy with using linux)...  I have tried the downloaded
version of Wine, and also recently loaded the CodeWeaver's Wine.  I like
some of the features with the CodeWeaver's version (it included the
setup util)...

However, I can't seem to get the windows application to run.  It
launches a Dr. Watson error.

I am using SuSE7.2 pro, Windows2K, and the particular windows app is
Juno, a free e-mail client.

I am a newbie that just installed linux (for the 900th time) last week.

My question is, is there a means of requesting help with this app, or
should I redo the windows 2K in 98?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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