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Marcus Meissner marcus at
Wed Aug 22 11:14:45 CDT 2001

In article <3B83E596.1070703 at>,
Duane Clark  <junkmail at> wrote:
>gerard patel wrote:
>> On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 00:54:43 GMT, bens at wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>0806a430:Call gdi32.SelectObject(000009f8,0000099c) ret=3D00422f28
>>>0806a430:Call x11drv.SelectObject(403a7d3c,0000099c) ret=3D40761af3
>>>0806a430:Ret  x11drv.SelectObject() retval=3D00000000 ret=3D40761af3
>>>0806a430:Ret  gdi32.SelectObject() retval=3D00000000 ret=3D00422f28
>>>0806a430:Call kernel32.GetLastError() ret=3D0041f119
>>>0806a430:Ret  kernel32.GetLastError() retval=3D00000006 ret=3D0041f119
>>>00100,00000000) ret=3D0041f13f
>>>0806a430:Ret  kernel32.FormatMessageA() retval=3D00000010 ret=3D0041f13f=
>>>kernel32.RaiseException(0eedfade,00000001,00000007,405b6ad8) ret=3D0041f=
>> That's the point where the problem happens - which version of Wine
>> do you use (if it's Cvs, the exact date of extraction) ?
>> Gerard
>I made a patch to FormatMessageA (on 5/6/01) which fixed a problem in 

The problem here is more that SelectObject returns 0 I think.

FormatMessage just creates the error message.

Ciao, Marcus

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