Wine without a Windows partition

B. Joshua Rosen bjrosen at
Wed Aug 22 20:12:57 CDT 2001

You can install Win98 on top of Linux without a windows partition. Just
get a copy of Win4Lin from Win4Lin isn't free
but it's cheap. Once you've installed Win4Lin and then installed Win98 on it
you will have a win subdirectory in your home directory that you can use
for Wine's C drive. I use Win4Lin to run things like Word and Acrobat
Distiller and Wine to run Xilinx CAE tools. 

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> Is it possible to setup wine without a Windows partition? I have a
> Debian 2.2-r2 system and want to run a few Windows apps, mostly games,
> but don't want to go through all the bs of resizing a partition,
> creating a new one and putting Windows on my laptop. Any chance of being
> able to do it without a dedicated partition?
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