Netraverse Win4Lin in trouble or out of busienss?

robert w hall bobh at
Thu Aug 23 02:25:59 CDT 2001

In article <b11c49b4.0108220737.29c0fb3b at>, Jethro
<qwasty at> writes
> I'm using VMWare right now and I gotta tell
>ya, it really kicks butt - and it's CHEAPER than win4lin.

well I (like many others) bought my copies for $35-$50 when vmware was
$100 plus and hadn't even contemplated price reductions - I _wonder_ why
vmware  dropped their price then, later bringing out the crippled
'express' version, and have made a very steep price reduction again

>I initially ran vmware on my PII 450 128mb ram machine and it was a
>bit slower than without vmware, but not slow enough to bother me.

Lucky you...

 I've run win4lin (and wine) on a 24Mb DX4-100 (vmware _may_ struggle)

IMHO, there is a real role for all 3 'products' (wine, win4lin, vmware
(the full, not the express, version))

But times is hard, and there are some  tough dealings are afoot,
including, some suspect, spreading of FUD about rivals.

The resulting carnage won't help the poor end-user, but may at least
show one of the strengths of open-source development...

robert w hall

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