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Thu Aug 23 03:03:13 CDT 2001

Marcus Meissner <marcus at> wrote:
: In article <3B83E596.1070703 at>,
: Duane Clark  <junkmail at> wrote:
:>>>0806a430:Call gdi32.SelectObject(000009f8,0000099c) ret=3D00422f28
:>>>0806a430:Call x11drv.SelectObject(403a7d3c,0000099c) ret=3D40761af3
:>>>0806a430:Ret  x11drv.SelectObject() retval=3D00000000 ret=3D40761af3
:>>>0806a430:Ret  gdi32.SelectObject() retval=3D00000000 ret=3D00422f28
: The problem here is more that SelectObject returns 0 I think.

Recently reference counting was added to object handling. I added  the
reference counter to DeleteObject, to inhibit a crash when a programm
deleted an object first, then referenced it. Alexandre added refcounting to
SelectObject to deny an object being selected into multiple contexts, and on
the first try this also was denied to "stock objects".
Duane should retry with a current cvs built.

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