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Thu Aug 23 16:32:18 CDT 2001

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, gerard patel wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:55:03 GMT, "d" <dodorisio at> wrote:
> >i am running red hat 7.1 and i have had kde running fine, and was kinda
> >liking it! but then i went on to the web to get wine, so i can run this app
> >i have (maybe if it will work) anyway. i installed wine rpm, and now my kde
> >desktop is SSLLLOOOOWWWW it is like when windows gets corrupted (wait i mean
> >how windows *is* corrupted)
> >
> >any ideas on what could be the prob?
> Wine creates often serious background activity.
> It is sometimes not terminated when wine seems to
> exit, usually when it has crashed.
> I assume that you have tried to run wine, although
> you did not say so :-)
> By typing 'ps -ax' in a terminal, you will
> probably see wine and wineserver processes.
> Get rid of them by typing :
> killall -9 wine
> killall -9 winedbg
> killall -9 wineserver
> Gerard

In case you didn't try to run Wine yet, one fairly popular way to make a
system slow is to run it out of disk space.


to see.  Maybe you have to get rid of fonts for some languages you can't
read, or something.  du is another neat command newbies mostly don't
know exists.


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