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> > Thanks again...
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> Yes, and have you made any sense out of his response?
I am composing this with a juno version 4 I just installed to a new
no-windows "c:" with wine --winver nt40.  I had to give it a native
riched32.dll (the message box asked for it by name, which is unusually
accurate for a message box), and I couldn't import my account from the
net because it can't find my modem, so I imported it with tar instead.

It won't be able to send it either, so I will put it in the outbox and
that to juno 2' s outbox.  I can't read mail with juno 2 (which is why I
made junopine-2.0.2) but at least juno 2 doesn't use tapi if I tell it
the modem is.  And it doesm't have juno 1.x's limit of 60k per letter.

I think if your linux box is connected to the net in its own right, juno
4 will
be able to get and send mail without using the modem itself.

I've never done it myself, but other wine developers habitually use
that way, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Be sure to choose the other option (not modem) at the welcome to juno
before importing your account.

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