Diablo 2 - Sound

Carsten Wolff AirWulf666 at gmx.net
Thu Aug 23 15:03:54 CDT 2001

Stefan Leichter wrote on Thursday 23 August 2001 19:38:
> `grep -A 4 WinMM ~wine/documentation/sample/config` ?

Thanx, I appearently was blinded some way. Now I have these lines, but 
still, sound doesn't work. As soon, as Diablo tries to play sound, the 
following line shows up on console:

err:wave:DSDB_MapPrimary (0x403a9e58): Could not map sound device for 
direct access (errno=5)

What Problem is it? Is it something with my linux /dev/dsp, or is it a 
problem on the windows/wine - side?

Greetings, Carsten.

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