Diablo loading hang

Debian User burton at linux.tds.net
Fri Aug 24 02:16:56 CDT 2001

In article <01082111221700.02011 at Hard-Core.scabserver.com>, "Robert
Laverick" <csujo at scabserver.com> wrote:

ok I got directdraw connect but now I get no loading screen the cursor
just freezes after I clock "ok" after the character select screen, I'm
running version 5b right now I coudn't get ver. 8 to play because of the
crack, it coudn't locate game_crk.exe or something, it was the DLoad.exe
patch, any ideas?

P.S. check working on utilizing the CD then we can get on Bnet! ;)

> ok, it's probably that you've got it set to use Direct 3D, you need to
> run D2VidTst.exe, and hit skip test to change to DirectDraw... Other
> than that I'm not to sure other than that I find that using DGA is more
> trouble than it's worth...
> just out of interest are you using a No CD hack? cos I'm looking to get
> it working without....
> On Tuesday 14 August 2001 17:06, you wrote:
>> ok guys I've gotta diablo to the point where it gets all the way to the
>> player screen, I pick my character and it continues to load, it gets SO
>> close (the monk is almost engulfed in light) until the music stops and
>> it seems to hang
>> here's the interesting stuff in my wine config: [x11drv]
>> ; Number of colors to allocate from the system palette
>> "AllocSystemColors" = "100"
>> ; Use a private color map
>> "PrivateColorMap" = "N"
>> ; Favor correctness over speed in some graphics operations
>> "PerfectGraphics" = "N"
>> ; Color depth to use on multi-depth screens ;;"ScreenDepth" = "16"
>> ; Name of X11 display to use
>> ;;"Display" = ":0.0"
>> ; Allow the window manager to manage created windows "Managed" = "N"
>> ; Use a desktop window of 640x480 for Wine ;"Desktop" = "640x480"
>> ; Use XFree86 DGA extension if present ; (make sure /dev/mem is
>> accessible by you !) "UseDGA" = "Y"
>> ; Use XShm extension if present
>> "UseXShm" = "Y"
>> ; Enable DirectX mouse grab
>> "DXGrab" = "Y"
>> ; Create the desktop window with a double-buffered visual ; (useful to
>> play OpenGL games)
>> "DesktopDoubleBuffered" = "Y"
>> ; Code page used for captions in managed mode ; 0 means default ANSI
>> code page (CP_ACP == 0) "TextCP" = "0"
>> ; Use this if you have more than one port for video on your setup ;
>> (Wine uses for now the first 'input image' it finds). ;; "XVideoPort" =
>> "43"
>> ; Run in synchronous mode (useful for debugging X11 problems)
>> ;;"Synchronous" = "Y"
>> I had DGA off and it still didn't load, I turned it on my menus looked
>> better.
>> any ideas? I've been browsing through the messages but can find nothing
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