Netraverse Win4Lin in trouble or out of busienss?

Peter McConnell slackpat at
Fri Aug 24 09:07:00 CDT 2001

Jethro wrote:
> Well, others have speculated that vmware may be trying to run their
> competition out of town, which is probably true to some extent.
> You got win4lin to run on a 486? I've tried kde with mandrake on a 133
> mhz machine and any gui stuff is unbearably slow. What window manager
> are you using? If I could get win4lin to work on my 133, they might
> get another sale because that'd make my old computer useful again.
> (windows runs much faster on my 133 btw)

Blackbox icewm Another level or window maker have it on speed for window
Try with these packages siag (spreadsheet and word processor) xfm(file

As far as win4lin. if you have the windows dlls wine runs word excell
and windows media player 6.4 (and as a plugin for netscape 4.08). I cant
imagine having a need for vmware or win4lin.

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