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terror niceday at
Fri Aug 24 13:24:44 CDT 2001

hi all,

first i have to say sorry for my bad english, but i hope anyone will
understand it...lolol

iam very new to wine and have some probs to get my application to
i have radhat7.1 and wine20010731 running.

small applications like notepad are running fine

my game called Rally comes with an dedicated server tool.
1. lobbyserver.exe
this appl has to run all the time

2. gameserver.exe
this will be started if someone login to lobbyserver and start a new

also the gameserver.exe write the race results to results.txt on the

1. i have start the lobbyserver.exe on the redhat system and it works
2. start the game on my w2k system and login to the
fine too
3. create new game room..... works fine
4. start the game...crash

error message:
fixme:module:CreateProcessA (gameserver.exe,...): DETACHED_PROCESS
any ideas?

thx for the help


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