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> But I cannot find the winesetup programm which makes setup much more
> comfortable. I am new to wine; I've used rpm-package on a different system
> where winesetup was automatically installed.
> Is winesetup not part of wine-2001-07-31? Or do I have it and just did not
> install it? Where can I find it and how can I install it???

For my Debian distro I needed to install a separate package to get
winesetuptk to work.

But my main Problem is, that the latest winesetuptk-version is from February
18th and does not know WinMM. On the Codeweavers page it is stated that
newer versions are included in the Wine 1.0 Preview. But I have a working
Wine install, and, what is a greater problem, I saw only a link to a .rpm,
no .deb.
So, what can I do as a Debian user to get a new version of winesetup to

Thank you,


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