TCP/IP on WIne / Solaris X86

Robert Lunnon bob at
Sat Aug 25 08:11:56 CDT 2001

Well, now wine is working but winsock is not...

I ran ftp and did a traceback, there is a call to select waiting on
socket readability right after the connect in ftp.  I set up my firewall
to log packets being sent out the primary interface then ran both a unix
ftp, then the windows one under wine.

The unix one shows some packet exchanges, but the wine one doesn't, I
had expected a SYN packet to be sent from the connect call. Is this a
reasonable expectation ?  gdb says that connect is actually being called
at the right time, but gdb can't trace the caller which is in winedbg doesn't work on solaris :-(

Somebody, please help !


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