dell says bye bye to Linux

hazen hazen_vs at
Sat Aug 25 16:38:02 CDT 2001

	I'm a techie, I use Mandrake for it's simplicity it's slogan is the
(Newbie) distribution.  I use it because I played with everything else
and I like it the best, it's the simplest to install has the greatest
hardware compatability and will install on a BP6 (my motherboard).  Now,
If your into simple linuxes looking around for both Corel's version and
getting and trying out Mandrake 7.2 you may find that they are as easy
to install and use as windows, if not simpler.

	For server oriented solutions I HIGHLEY recommend e-smith.  Redhat
based server with the simplicity of fisher price.  Excellent gateway
solution.  More information at


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