You killed Half-Life!

Daniel Sabo sorry at
Sun Aug 26 04:33:05 CDT 2001

I don't know if it's just me or if there is an issue in wine, but HL seems
to be getting buggier with every release. I've been having issues with the
loading screen since 20010629, but when I moved to 20010824 things just
got bad, I get a crash after trying to join a second game (play one, exit,
join another). It's an actual bug in the code too, I believe it was a
buffer error but I was hoping someone else would have reported it (it's
an addiction after all and I've downgraded to 20010510 now). I was going to
do a trace but have you seed what +relay does to a FPS?

I'll upgrade again if anyone thinks they can help, but I was hoping this
would turn out to be a known issue.

Daniel Sabo

P.S. I'm building from source with gcc 2.95.3

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