Office (2K) options on Linux

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Try Win4Lin. Works for me...


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Subject: Office (2K) options on Linux

I am just starting to migrate towards Linux (RedHat 7.1 Burned and one
trial install on another machine went well).

However I do alot of work for other companies on Office
(EspeciallyExcel) (generally 2K) and would like to be able to do so
without rebooting.  AFAICT I have a few options.

One is to have a dedicated windows box and use a program such as VNC or
Exceed to view it (I don't like this Idea as it gets expensive)

Another is to use WINE (Hence I post here).  Having been through a fair
number of posts (both current and archived on google) I can not work out
whether this is going to be easy.

The final one is to use something like VMWare.  Again I have no Idea how
easy this would be.

Hardware wise I run 120+ GB HDD and 384 MB Ram with a TBird @ 1.15GHz
atm.  This should be able to handle any of the above options.

Software wise I have a very small brain.  I need teh easiest solution
possible (Linux newbies look like novices here :)

Can anyone recommend any of the above (except option 1) and or relate
experiences trying to get Office to work.


John Robson
Includes a SETI Team (Friendly we promise)

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