Florian Idelberger Florian.Idelberger at gmx.de
Mon Aug 27 09:57:47 CDT 2001

I'm using a Diamond Stealth III S540 Xtreme with a Savage 4.
I know that it is not supported very well because under windoze tuxracer or
parsec works just fine and under linux I have a max of 9 fps.
Maybe I should try Xfree 4.1.0 Do you know if there is better support for
savage chips?
If yes I would probably try the big download.
If not I'll try 3.3.6 again.

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> Florian Idelberger wrote:
> > bash-2.04# wine "/windows/E/Programme/CyberLink/PowerDVD/powerdvd.exe"
> > X Error of failed request:  XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode
> >   Major opcode of failed request:  136 (XFree86-DGA)
> >   Minor opcode of failed request:  22 (XDGAOpenFramebuffer)
> >   Serial number of failed request:  179
> >   Current serial number in output stream:  179
> > bash-2.04#
> What video card are you using?
> I previously had wine working and finding it now has problems with
> DGA.. but that is because my video card is an Intel i740, which
> appears to have no DGA support in version 4.0 of XFree86
> (but it did have support in 3.3)
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