wine & win-folder?

Gentleman Gentleman
Mon Aug 27 11:12:26 CDT 2001

HI ppl,
I had a problem using wine. Wine fucked up (sorry for this words) my 
windows, maybe it's a known problem. At /windows/C/ where my windows lifes 
exists now, after I ran wine with starcraft, a folder named: !$!$!$!$.pfr 
in this folder I found things like IE and so on, which are not longer at 
there default windows-places, after I booted windows my desktop was ******* 
and some programms won't work and some I needed to give them the new place 
of ****** ... anyknoone knows this problem ... ah, I need to say that wine 
crashed. will it occur anothertime, or is it an exception?


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