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Mon Aug 27 14:10:50 CDT 2001

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> >Is it possible to install and run Netscape whitout having access to a
> >native windows.
> There is a Linux-native version of Netscape available.

Really! Do Netscape make native Linux versions?
All right, I've used Linux-netscape for more then 5 years. :-)

> Or you can download the Mozilla source and try to compile it, if
> you're really adventurous. :-)

Also sometimes done that.

> I'm not sure if the Windows version of Netscape4 or Netscape6 runs under
> Wine yet.

I have seen in this group, that some people run Netscape4x under wine.
I just can't get it to work, and therefor I will like to know, if it
can be done whitout having a native windows.

>  (I can see why some people might want to preserve their cookies,

As I don't have windows, all my cookies are in Linux. :-)

> but otherwise one should just go for the native prebuilt. :-) )

Some people want to run Netscape in wine, because there exist more
plugins for the windows version.  I want to do it because I have
problems with my homebanking in the Linux version.

Best regards,
Svend Bjerrum Jensen

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