Starcraft, missing folder

Jonas Kalderstam colonelj at
Mon Aug 27 17:39:48 CDT 2001

Burton wrote:

> hey guys I finally got starcraft working (only took about two hrs, not
> bad) anyways I've played though it a bit and I get the first cinematic
> but I'm dropped back to X with this message "Starcraft was unable to open
> a required file, if the problem persists reinstall blah blah blah" the
> thing is it's trying to open PreTerran_1.smk in the smk folder.......but
> I don't have an smk folder! I installed though windows and just run it
> off that partition, does that have anything to do with this? please help
> I love the cinematics ;)

StarCraft is probably looking for it in a compressed folder on the 
harddrive or more likely on the cd, more specifically it ought to be 
install.exe (500 MB).
If you are running from the cd you might want to try a crack so that you 
run it from the harddrive alone and see if that fixes the problem.
You can get a crack from

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