Wine and Half-Life

Paul Woodward paul.woodward8 at
Tue Aug 28 15:27:51 CDT 2001

Not much help, but I have installed wine and HL and it is about as fast
as unreal tourney - I run it at 1024x768 at 16bit.  So it can be fixed!
I'm using wine 20010731, from source tarball, and nvidia drivers 1251
installed from src rpm.

Sorry, I haven't any ideas what to check...

In article <3B8ACF8D.3090300 at>, "Jonas Kalderstam"
<colonelj at> wrote:

> I'm having this problem with wine. I compile it with opengl-support and
> my card (ATI Radeon) runs no problem with Quake3 or the Mesa Demos. And
> I can actually start HL/CS with both software and opengl. Problem is,
> the framerate is about 4... It seems just as if wine just doesn't do
> hardware rendering.
> Anyone had a similar experience or know a potential solution?
> PS: Wine works fine with other games such as StarCraft and other
> win-applications.

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