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Tue Aug 28 13:51:20 CDT 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Jim Robison wrote:

> Last night I reloaded the Windows partition with Win98.  I installed Juno 4
> on it.  I was able to use wine pointing to that install.  It checked the
> email and everything.  Got a font problem (which should go away when I

Using a modem, or using winsock on an already connected linux system?

> complete the fonts install), as well as I got out-of-space errors (specific
> to Juno)... Do you think that if I install it inside of Juno that it would
> work?  I have a question with that, I have tried in the past to use a sym

Install what inside of juno?

> link pointing to the Win partition, to both a directory and a file.  If I
> used the directory, it works inside of xterm, but not inside of say,
> StarOffice...  If I pointed to the file, as soon as I made a change, it
> would make a copy on the ext2 fs and loose the link.
> Ohs well, I'm going to keep drilling down the avenue.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jim
Don't know about SO, but Wine will not present a directory symbolic link
to a windows application inless you tell it to in the config file.
Wine will run the juno 4 installer, so you might not need any windows
partition.  You will need native riched32.dll in your fake windows
"partition", plus the msvcrt and mfc42 that junoinst.exe will put there.
A windows drive could be a directory in an ext2 filesystem, or a
separate filesystem of any sort the underlying *nix OS can mount.
Wine is neat that way.

Permissions for foreign filesystems such as [v]fat are set by mount,
and no amount of chmod or chown or symbolic linking is going to change
that.  Of course, the Systems Administrator can, with FI
mount -o remount,...

I have never run any juno newer that juno 1.38 on a windows partition,
'cuz I never had windows, except wfw 3.11, and that is tarred and

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